Bella Husky Gray Green Contact Lenses – Glow Collection


  • Color: Husky Gray Green
  • Modality: Monthly
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Diameter: 14.5mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Material: Polymacon
  • Central Thickness: 0.07(-3.00D)
  • DK (oxygen permeability): 8.4
  • UV block: 40% UV lights
  • Permeability: 12
  • Look: Natural Looking
  • For wear during the daytime for up to three months

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Bella Glow Husky Gray Green is a top-selling tinted lens from Bella which has a natural mix of green and grey tones using a splendid appearance. With its smooth limbal ring for a vibrant appearance, this fantastic colored eye gets in touch with from the Bella Glow collection has ended up being a favorite selection for customers across the USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, as well as Canada.

Bella Eye Lenses have supplied a substantial selection of tinted eye lenses that are created to let you embrace a brand-new look according to your more suitable way of living as well as style. Their collections are incredible for style functions, are more secure as well as more convenient than the remainder of the lenses. The objective of Bella Contact Lenses is to offer one-of-a-kind as well as the highest lenses to fashionistas. Some successful trademark styles have made the road for Bella Contact Lenses to be the marketplace leader. Bella Glow Husky Gray Green contact lens blends black accents and a limbal ring to make your colored contacts more natural.

The Glow Collection by Bella contact lens is loaded with shimmering, glittering, and enchanting 9 colors that will certainly delight you. These Bella lenses are crafted to raise the radiance of your eyes as well as expand its iris with a distinct limbal ring. These 9 colors of Glow Collection include Gray Caramel, Vivid Blue, Radiant Gray, Radiant Brown, Radiant Hazelnut, Navy Gray, Luminous Pearl, Husky Gray Green, as well as Lime Green. Every one of these colors is among their kinds and also one of the most attractive and remarkably glamorous looks that you only desire. Bella Color Contact Lenses maintain eminent manufacturing standards and strives to lead the industry in innovative product design. provides impressive rate lenses with top-notch top quality for a fantastic visual experience. The item delivery time is 3-5 functioning days all over Pakistan. You can contact us anytime, anywhere on Whatsapp (0318-1820756) to position your order.

Why should I wear Bella Husky Gray Green Eye Lens?

Bella Husky Gray Green is a beautiful color from the glow collection and has earned a huge amount of attention for its gorgeous look on the lens. It includes a tinge of green shade and the best of gray bringing a marvelous look on the wearer of this majestic lens.

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