Bella Gold Contact Lenses – Highlight Collection


Color – Gold
Lens Material – Polymacon
Water Content – 38%
Base Curve – 8.6mm
Diameter – 14.5
Central Thickness – 0.07mm (@-3.00D)
Permeability – 12
Transmissibility – 95%
Lens Collection – Eye enlarging lenses
Modality – 3 months


Bella HighLight Gold lenses bring a bold and also smooth appearance with a special pattern and are accented by a dark limbal ring for a true wow element. These golden-colored calls are prominent in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia, GCC, and Europe.

Bella is the very first contact lens company that has a wide variety of exceptionally gorgeous contact lenses. Their lenses are comprised of products used to supply great oxygen flow to the user’s eyes for a clear, crisp vision. You will certainly discover a special UV blocker in them for your eyes’ security. Furthermore, the delicate and also soft materials provide you comfort for the entire day to make sure that you can quickly wear them in the morning time or evening hrs. Bella has included a creative design in each of their lenses from the versatile yet unique creation of an expert, visionary musician. Ingredients of Bella Gold Serum Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 Hydrolyzed Soy Protein Diamond Powder Lavender Extract Xanthan Gum Hydrolyzed Whole wheat Protein. To begin with, you ought to ensure about every utilized fixing as it is the main way you can avert yourself by purchasing these rankling items and recovery your skin from confronting any sort of symptoms. Gold Serum Bella is a lightweight facial care product designed for deep penetration and fast absorption. Our skin soft tissue does as they are prone to when we were starting to get replaced because of the fact often.

The Bella gold serum Contact Lenses included in the Highlight Collection by Bella provide various methods to boost your appearances by increasing your eyes, offering you an impressive as well as out-of-this-world look. This Bella Gold Serum eye lens collection consists of distinct tones as well as a remarkable strategy to craft a significant impact by providing a stylish as well as stylish appearance to your terrific eyes. The collection is widely readily available in 5 appealing, fantastic shades, which include Cool Hazel, Circle Brown, Gold, Cool Gray, and Circle Gray. Give your eyes an elegant appearance with the UV rays defense attribute of these lenses. The skin absorbs the serum easily. Bella gold serum review cleanses your skin and detoxifies it. The product makes us more beautiful and improves fairness. The serum rids the skin from wrinkles and makes it more elastic. It keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated. The cream enhances the collagen level in the skin and grants us a youthful look. Serum Bella gold is an anti-aging product that is also known as Belladerm Anti-Aging cream.

Bella’s Highlight Eye Contact lenses are now offered in Pakistan as well. supplies its solutions in every part of the country through messenger. Select the lens that finest matches you, and then position the order. Because has supplies of Bella lenses in all major cities of Pakistan, it will reach your front door within the marked period. Bella Gold Serum is a skin product (also known as Belladerm Anti-Aging cream) that claims to provide its users with beautiful skin. It is advised to register yourself as a user on the website first before placing an order for the product. There are celebrities and customers that trust this product. Nowadays, a number of dermatologists are engaged in plastic surgeries but still they inform you about the side effects of such plastic surgeries.

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